Some myths related to escorts services

Believing on myth with blind folded eyes is very common among most of the people. We hear something from untrusted sources and many of us start believing on those opinions without even checking the relative facts. Here, I am about to talk for some of the myths associated with escorts services and I will also talk related facts as well.

Ink is not good for them:

This is a very common believe about escorts that tattooed women may not get any success in this profession. People can have various baseless opinions for tattooed women and this is defiantly one of those myths. However, this opinion has no relationship with fact because tattooed women not only get success, but they make it real great as well. There are plenty of tattooed women that work as escorts and they are highly successful as well. In fact, a lot men demand to have tattooed women from this service. Men may seek tattooed women due sexy and hot tattooed womento their own set of opinions or choices, but this is a fact that such escorts do not stay at home ever. So, if you also believe that tattooed women don’t get success in the field of paid companionship, then you shall change your opinion instantly.

They offer all kind of services:

This is one more myth that is quite common among a lot of people. Indeed, escorts offer multiple services to you, but they are not sex workers, and they do not offer any kind of sexual services. However, people believe that they can ask for sex from them and they can get it as well. They should understand escorts offer only companionship services to men, but they are not into a business that is not allowed. So, if you are also having this kind of opinion for them and if you are hiring them to have such fun, then you should think again about it. That also means, you should not only change your opinion for tattooed women, but you should also change your opinion about their services.

They do this work in force:

One more baseless myth about escorts is that most of these women do this work due to force from their agents. However, fact is quite opposite to this because many women and girls also provide the same service on individual manner. This simple thing can explain my point to you. Almost all the girls and women that offer paid companionship to men join this

business with their own will. Many escorts join this work because they get new experiences, they get great fun and they get the chance to have good money as well in it. I don’t need to explain the same thing to you again that you should change thinking for this also.

Here, I talked about tattooed women and other facts associated with escorts services, but that is not the only domain where you should trust on fact. I suggest you to do your research before trusting on anything so you can have more confident and informed decisions.…

Women in stockings are hot if they have these erotic and attractive features

Every woman wants to look sexy and attractive so she can seduce her man in an erotic manner. Many of them believe that dressing in a sexy outfit, attractive pair of heels with some Women in stockings hot erotic and attractivemakeup and bouncy hair will give them the erotic look easily. But sometimes those things are not enough and many men think women in stockings are hot and attractive instead of any other dress. But men think women in stockings are hot only if they have certain erotic and attractive features in them.

Men always think women in stockings are hot only if they have good confidence in them. If women are not comfortable with their skin and erotic stockings they are not going to look erotic in this dress. Confident attitude can make ladies attractive and seductive as well. Next time if you see or notice some women in stockings are hot looking then you should check their confidence also on their face.


Sweet and a pretty smile on the face makes the quote true that women in stockings are hot. The attractive smile can enhance to beauty of women and this smile and sexy legs with erotic stockings give a hot touch. Women in stockings are hot only when they have a beautiful smile on the face along with their dress. So, next time if you try to get the attractive look in this dress, make sure you pay attention to your smile as well.

Sexy legs

The attractive and sexy legs in stocking look more erotic undoubtedly. Women in Stockings are Hot and Attractive all the time as long as they have long, smooth and spotless legs. These long legs give enough space between stockings and pantyhoses and that gap gives an erotic feeling to all the men. So, we can say this is one more thing that women should do to have the better look in their sexy dress. Also, sexy legs can help men to have more fun in multiple ways

Beautiful body

This is true that women in stockings are hot and attractive if they have above qualities. But if they don’t have an attractive and toned body, then they may not get the expected result in any condition. Some sexy and calories burner workouts can help women to get in shape and to look sexy and erotic with ease. Sexy stocking looks beautiful only on the perfectly shaped body and that is why it is advised that women should pay attention to this quality as well along with other factors.

Glowing soft skin

The soft and glowing skin is also a required feature to look erotic in this particular dress. Women in stockings are hot looking when they have soft, glowing and soft skin. The uneven skin can ruin the attractive looks of women as well as their erotic dress as well. So, if you are planning to wear this dress, then it is advised that you do the planning wisely and you do not wear it with a dull and lifeless skin.

This is how I fooled one of my friend

I have a friend named odrin and he knows so many things about various subjects. Odrin used to claim that he know everything and he can talk about any subject without doing any Google search for that. Frankly, I never sexy and hot girlbelieved on odrin and I thought about testing his knowledge with some weird subject. So, I shard my opinion or point of view with odrin and I asked him if is ready to take that challenge from me. As expected odrin accepted that challenge, and he asked me to pick any subject or topic for this challenge.

I wanted to choose a topic that is less known to people and has nothing to do with day to day life. So, I did some research and I found that escorts services can be one of these topics. I felt if I will ask about expectation of consumers from escorts services then odrin will not be able to answer that question. Also, I did research on this subject to get awareness about expectation of consumers from escorts service. I did this research about consumers expectation from escorts service because I had no trust on odrin and I was not sure if I would give me factual information for same.

Next day I met odrin and I shared my topic with him. I asked him if I know about escorts and their consumers. When I shared my topic with odrin then I was worried about it and I felt he knows nothing about people that take this service. I asked him what kind of services consumers or users get from escorts then odrin said he knows about it and he can tell me everything. After that odrin asked me if I know answer of my question that I asked about escorts and consumers.

Although I did my research and was aware about some things related to paid companions and their clients but then also I said I know nothing about it. When I said this then he started saying so many things about escorts

and their consumers. However, he said nothing true about escorts or their consumers and I was feeling amused with it. He told me many falsified information related to escorts, their services and consumers. He kept saying so many thing about this for few minutes and then he stopped and said I can bring any other new challenge for him and he will surely defeat that challenge as well.

After he was done, I told him that I did some research about escorts and their consumers and I know few things about it. I also told me him that everything he said about this subject was false and he knew nothing about it. I also showed him link on my tablet that talked about this subject and that surely embarrassed him. Since that day he never said big words to me and he now say anything only if he know about it and that gave me lot of happiness and amusement as well.…