Why Men like Escorts with Sexy Legs

Men like many things about their women. One of the reasons why they go after escorts is because they perceive them as beautiful. Those with long sexy legs however get more attention. Why is this? Men tend to be attracted to escorts with such legs for a number of reasons.

A leg is one of the body parts that represent the sensual attributes of a woman. Most men tend to compare the legs to the butt and breasts of a woman. When an escort’s legs are exposed, the man can already visualize the breasts and by large the entire body. They are simply a turn on. All a man needs to see is a pair of feet and he can tell how the entire body of sexy and hot girlthe woman looks. This is especially true because the thighs tend to have the same skin tone as the non-exposed parts of the body. There is nothing as exciting as the picture one creates in the mind.

Some men claim that it is not about the legs but where they lead to. Looked at from behind, sexy legs head to a tight butt while looked at from the front the lead to sexy curves that are just but alluring. And well, what lies between the legs is even better. Sexy legs are viewed as a long staircase leading to a valuable treasure. Sexy legs will usually be fit and will be a great asset during intercourse and other erotic plans anyone may have in mind. Men are visual beings and appreciate everything that looks good. Sexy legs in escorts are particularly appreciated by being the girl of choice for many.

To make it as an escort and have many clients, having sexy legs is a must. There are many things you can do to qualify your feet as such. These include frequent exercises and hygiene practices. Keep your legs shaved at all times, clean and moisturized with a good moisturizer.

June 29, 2016 Markus Probst Erotic No Comments